Pool Safety Nets

pool-netNets can bring numerous benefits to your family and your back yard, providing safety to your family and preserving your deck space and view. Pool Guard netting is placed over the pool in about five to ten minutes and can be removed in less time than it takes to place back on.

California has numerous applications for netting due to the size or location of  California back yards. If you are in a small lot in Sacramento or you have a large yard in Modesto, our pool nets can work for you.

Why Choose a Net?

“I have seen nets fit onto small pools in Vacaville where they serve the cause of safety as well as fit into the small back yard where fencing would crowed the back yard.”

  • If you want pool safety for children and pets.
  • Is your back yard all swimming pool? A net takes up less space.
  • If you don’t want a pool fence to crowed the yard, or cut the yard in half.
  • Have a view and feel that a fence will blemish the look?  A Pool Net can work wonders.

What is a Pool Net?

mid-netA Pool Safety Net is laid across the top of the pool and then pulled tight by a pulley system called a CTS (Central Tension System). Nets are made of a durable high density polyethylene braid that has proven through test will comply with the 485lb. required by most states and meeting California’s ASTM 1346 standards. The net has maximum U.V. stabilized inhibitors so as to not allow shrinkage or fade in harsh environments. The mesh size will prevent a toddlers head from penetration, but also large enough so children can not easily move about. Most are very hesitant to step on a net and see it as barrier it is.

How does it connect to the deck?

pool-net2Small anchors are drilled and secured into the pool decking every two feet around the pool. These Pool Guard anchors are unique to the pool safety industry, Northern California Pool Guard gives you the option to use two options of deck anchors as well as several wall mount anchors. We offer a polyurethane composite anchors in red and sand that not only holds a firm grip in the concrete but has a concrete color to it, allowing it to blend into the color of most decking. We also offer a brass anchor that has a more permit classic look that can complement the look of your pool. No matter which anchor you choose, both are safely gripping the concrete providing a secure pool safe net.

What are other benefits to buying a Pool Net?

Keep in mind that the pool net is a barrier that can’t be climbed. Children and toddlers can’t find a way through. A net is a sure thing. Net barriers also can support a huge amount of weight, up to 500 pounds, so you  have no worries about a child crawling out onto the net because it will not break. Net are also affordable, sometimes costing less than a fence by a thousand or more dollars. Finally, Pool Nets are not for everybody. It takes the home owner or parent to be part of the process. Parents need to make sure the net goes on right back on after swimming or cleaning the pool is complete. It only takes a second for a child to slip out the back door so the net needs to be on the swimming pool at all times. If you think that you might be that customer that just doesn’t have time to put on the net  at the end of the day, then the right product for you is a Northern California Pool Guard Mesh Removable Fence.


Product Warranty

Pool Guard Safety Net Inc. warranties their product for a period of (3) three years from install date. This product is warranted against defects in material and includes parts labor. Warranty does not include:

1. Acts of God
2. Modification by owner
3. External heat source:
a. BBQ Pit
b. Pool pumps
c. Pool heaters
d. Ovens, fire, etc.
4. Improper reinstallation by owner. Owner should always check to be sure net is installed with proper tension and all clips are firmly in place.
5. Net can be cut with a sharp instrument and care should be taken to inspect the net when reinstalled

Pool safety barriers alarms, fences screened enclosures shall not replace responsible adult supervision. Children are our future we need to protect them

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